Qs Series ,compatible With Seiko SPT510/1020 Print Heads(made In Turkey)

Pikolitre Kimya, Picco Ink

Product Description

Picco ink , manufacturing by Pikolitre Kimya since 2006 and export over 15 countries.

Qs Series specially formulated for higher pigment concentration and low odor , compatible with Seiko printhead printers. 

Picco Quadro S series brings you , no head clogged, no smell Seiko SPT 1020&510 compatible Inks works single clean, 24h printing function.

Picco Inks are manufactured by Pikolitre Kimya in Turkey since 10 years experienced on inkjet.

Contact Information

  • Company:  Pikolitre Kimya, Picco Ink
  • Address: Turkey
  • Telephone: 90-5322513157
  • Mobile: 0090-5322513157

Company Profile

  • Pikolitre Kimya, Picco Ink
  • [ Turkey ]
  • Pikolitre Kimya A.Ş ,dedicated to develop,produce inkjet inks in Turkey since 2006. Pikolitre A.S has been manufactured over 600 tonnes of ink and exported over 15 countries. Our Target to serve our Partners over Expectations solutions from European Quality which is Made in Turkey. This is our statement and vision. Pikolitre Kimya A.S Board

Basic Information

  • Business Type: Manufacturing
  • Company Products / Services: inkjet inks
  • Year Established: 2006
  • Number of Employees: 11-15
  • Website: www.piccoink.com
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