Jalgir Sugar Tablet


Product Description

  • Are you fed up with allopathic medicine to maintain your optimum blood sugar ?
    Do you want to proceed with harmless effects and conventional ancient Bharatiya treatment, which is the Ayurvedic One.
    Allopathic medicines might harm your precious body organs such Liver, Kidney, Eye sights because long term consumption of chemical based treatment.
    Get one simple solution for your bunch of problems.
    Introducing JalGir Sugar 30 gm Powder
    JalGir Sugar Powder is an extract of very specific wild species of trigonela foenum-graecum which is dark brown and yellowish inside, grown and harvested in extreme cold winter of gulf regions. Its hold an extraordinary property which works as super hypoglycemic agent in normal human as well people with
    Type #2 diabetic.
    JalGir Sugar Powder has many active ingredients which works synergistically to enhance the blood glucose metabolism , Moreover the continuous consumption will reduce the cholesterol level.
    Ever since fenugreek seeds are consider as natural Anti-inflammatory, Anti analgesic agent as well. Hence JalGir Sugar Powder may give you relief from Joint pain, Muscle Pain relief. [1] JalGir Sugar Powder is 100% natural single herb extract.
    [2] JalGir Sugar Powder may also Enhance libido, lipid lower agent if patient consume regular.
    [3] JalGir Sugar Powder also increase glucose tolerance level in complex diabetic patients.
    [4] JalGir Sugar powder is the only brand , Rx by registered practitioner Doctor.
    [5] As far as it is quite safe without any side effect up to certain amount per day.
    [6] Another major benefits it does not harms vital body organs such as liver, kidney, upon using long term consumption.
    [7] The powder form, which quickly digest and enhance absorption spontaneously compared to tablets and capsules.
    [8] Quite convenient to adjust the doses as per requirement.
    • FATIGUE.
    • Presence of ketones in the urine(ketones are a byproduct of the breakdown of muscle and fat that happens when there's not enough available insulin)
    JalGir Sugar 30 gm Powder prevent half of them without adding an extra medicine
    Dose : Recommended dose is 1 to 2-3 scoops twice in a day, 30- 45 minutes before breakfast / lunch/dinner with lukewarm water.
    Caution : JalGir Sugar 30 gm Powder is an ayurvedic roprietary medicine** Which should consume under observation of the registered Physician*.
    In case do you feel discomfort post consumption of the JalGir Sugar 30 gm Powder stop using it and consult your Doctor.
    For General well being such as relief from constipation, Muscle Pain, Muscle Craving, Pre Diabetic symptoms , Fever, To enhance Libido, consume JalGir Sugar 30 gm Powder Optimum level(1 scoop) daily***
    NOTE : Kindly use the scoop given with the pack.

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  • G S BROS
  • [ India ]
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  • We G S BROS is the Group of Companies. Working for Unique concept in different sagments such as Nutritional Products in Phramaceuticals, Natural Fruits Pulp, Drink. Modern Vogue Women and men Night wear, Food Production Certification for SATVIK. All products are Indigenious founder by ourselves and as we team working to improvise the required demand for new market 

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  • Company Products / Services: nutritional supplements
  • Year Established: 2019
  • Number of Employees: 1-5
  • Website: www.gsbros.in
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